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Many of us set a new year’s resolution or goal based around fitness and health. These goals maybe to loose weight, eat healthier, hit a milestone, or to stay in shape. For me working out and eating healthy is a lifestyle, something I enjoy doing. That is the key to keeping your resolution/goal, find something you enjoy doing. Now more than ever we have the opportunity to try a variety of studios making it easier for us to find something we love to do.

As someone who likes to push herself I decided last year to try as many different types of workouts around the city and document them for you (see here). Some I love, some I like, and some I won’t go back to. I only share the ones I enjoy hoping you may also like them as well.

Body By Simone

HOW have I not shared BBS on my guides?!! You have heard me mentioned Body by Simone numerous times on posts, Insta Stories and Twitter, but I have yet to talk about how much I am obsessed with the workout here. Obsessed is an understatement really– I crave going there. BBS is dance cardio mixed with small weights (they also have tramp cardio classes). You have the choice of taking full body which includes cardio, arms, legs, and core. Your other choices are ABC (arms, back, chest) class, HTB (hips, thighs, buns), dance cardio (1 hour cardio session), and tramp cardio.  I mostly do full body but will take the other classes here and there. What I love so much about BBS is the positive energy of not only the instructors (some I am close to now!) but with myself. I leave each class feeling happier. It helps that I love love love to dance, but still there is a really great energy there.  And even though the cardio portion is more physical ( we still do burpees ), I like to pretend as if I am performing on stage when we do it. Brings me back to my dance competition days. Anyway, the dance cardio is choreographed, but please do not let that scare you away. The movements are repeated and you will pick it up after a class or two. Also do not let small weights fool you, ever. It’s not as easy as you think. In fact I think BBS is one of the hardest workouts I have ever done. I have seen so many girls get in shape doing BBS– a LOT of Victoria Secret models go to BBS to train for the VS show! If you are nervous about trying a class they have BBS Basic which breaks down everything for you in a much slower pace.

The Dance by Amanda Kloots

Another (new) obsession of mine. The Dance by Amanda Kloots is located at Studio B (Bandier’s studio). I have mentioned that I fan girl Amanda and have been dying to take her class. I finally went mid-December and have been going back at least once or twice a week. The Dance is exactly what you think it is– a full hour of dance cardio. Choreographed dances that are so much fun to do. I leave looking like I just took a shower with mascara running down my face. What I like about Amanda’s class compared to other dance cardio classes is that it is much dancier. It’s dance cardio meets hip hop meets Rockettes…… amazing!  There is no equipment involved, just you and your body dancing the hour away. Sometimes she will have us do arms but I have only been to one class where that has happened. Amanda brings a lot of great energy into the class and breaks down certain movements so don’t worry if you are not a dancer. Honestly I love this class so much that I debated not putting it on my list so people won’t take my spot 😉

Amanda is much more well known for The Rope– one hour of jump roping, I have yet to muster up the courage to try it.


My roommate came home one day and miserably mumbled she just went to 30/60/90 and it was hard. That was all she had to say for me to sign up for it. I have bee trying to find a class that is similar to System of Strength that I am obsessed with from home and 30/60/90 comes pretty close. It is hard! The movements are nothing any of us haven’t done before but it is the mixture of cardio with heavy weights that kills me— and it’s none stop, no breaks unless you take one yourself. You use stackable steps for your cardio portion while using heavy weights and a medicine ball. You have an assigned spot in the studio. I am pretty sure (or at least noticed) that they put the regulars in the front, probably for those who are new have someone to watch when the instructor is not doing the movements. Although the regular class I enjoy, I much prefer the express core class. 30 minutes of core work and you are done. I feel some studios either neglect or rush through the core portion of the workout, I like the idea of spending 30 minutes just on your core. It is still as challenging as the regular class and I am definitely sore for a few days afterwards…… 6 pack abs coming soon!!


I like to describe Liftonic as an instructed gym time. Why I say this is because everyone gets their own bench as if you were at the gym and the movements you do are classic weight lifting.  Liftonic is heavy weights only (we use bands sometimes), targeting larger muscle groups (this is not a Crossfit class I should add). I enjoy going there for a break from dance cardio and knowing that lifting heavy weights helps you stay in shape. I will only go to Courtney’s class. It’s not that the other instructors are bad, it’s just that Courtney is the best of the best. He knows what he is doing and is always challenging (also funny as heck!). He is the creator of CPX, was on the show Work Out New York, and is a celebrity trainer. Courtney is hard, but I enjoy the challenge. What I like about him is that he obviously knows what he is doing. He gives proper corrections to everyone which, trust me, some studios do not do at all and I can see an injury just waiting to happen. If you are looking to lift heavy weights this class is for you!