mndfl meditation


Living in the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps, it only makes sense to have a place of serenity and calm for cynical, anxiety-driven New Yorkers. MNDFL Meditation is a studio for guided meditational classes. Beautifully decorated with an aroma of calmness and ease, the moment you step into one of the 3 studios in NYC you instantly feel better. MNDFL offers different types of guided meditations: breath, mantras, heart opening, emotion, movement, sleep, and more. Each with an intent to become more mindful, calm, and present.


new york city workout guide

Is it too late to work on my summer body? Maybe I should call this holidays are coming workout plan? I have taken a little break from my dance cardio classes to try some new and different workouts around New York. When I think of the classes that I have gravitated towards, only one word comes to mind. Powerful. I feel powerful. And each class has given me a different type of power; from strength to speed to personal. I feel a since of confidence. That I can do this, take on whatever challenge is a head of me. Which is evidently my new life’s motto (along with I am good enough).  So if I can make it through these classes, push myself and still love them, then you can too!




A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting the cute Soho showroom of ADAY  to not only view their amazing new collection but also to chit chat with Co-founder Nina Faulhaber. Fashion meets function with ADAY. A technical clothing company for everyday wear from office to working out. Aday believes in being comfortable while being ready for whatever the day may bring with elevated staple pieces. This brand is for the everyday woman who is traveling, working out, and killing it in the work area. They believe that everyday is a new day to do something.


New York City Workout Guide

windbreaker // performance crop top // leggings // Nike running shoes


Now that the Body Conceptions challenge is over, I am back to my regular program of trying new workouts. While doing BOCO a number of fitness boutiques popped up on my radar, I couldn’t wait to try them. When I discover or hear about a certain fitness boutique the first thing I do is research the studio; what type of workout it is, why they believe in this form of exercise, and if there is any testimonies (I like to see people’s progress and if XYZ regime actually works). There are three new boutiques I have been frequently going to lately, along with continuing my working out at Body Conceptions. Someday I will have a six pack…. some day.