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Club Monaco

red sweater // red skirt // over the knee high boots // clutch (similar) // sunglasses


Every year my entire family gets together for a holiday feast on Christmas day. But before we dive into the delicious food we have our annual holiday wrapping competition. Each year we pick out of a bowl who we are getting a gift for. This year I have my cousin Hannah….. last time I had her I put maple syrup all over the package. Before you start to think it was a mean prank let me explain.

My family has an annual holiday wrapping competition. The winner from the previous year picks a theme on Thanksgiving and on Christmas day we each get a turn explaining our package. We vote for our top three  and the winner receives candy, a gift certificate somewhere, and most importantly, bragging rights for an entire year. The themes can be anything you want. We have done favorite Christmas songs, favorite holiday memories, Harry Potter, Ohio State Football team, etc. Now you understand the maple syrup– the theme was holiday movies and I made mine into Elf. The wrapping competition is no joke either, we take it very seriously; there are poems, edible food, music, and extravagant crafts. You can make the gift into anything you want– and if you are like my uncle you show up with a white box every year and say your wish is either silence or for this to end. This years theme is holiday wish. Not quite sure what my package will look like yet, but am not going to share my ideas because I know my family members read my blog and I will not give them an edge over me. And I WILL win this year!

After the winner is announce we continue with appetizers and drinks until dinner is ready. After dinner we play Christmas games like fill in the blank or unscramble the word. Winner gets a prize. If you haven’t noticed my family is a tad competitive. We also make the entire dinner table into a coloring book. We have crayons on the table and the cloth has Christmas characters on it to color. We sure do like our arts and crafts.

Club MonacoClub MonacoClub MonacoClub Monaco

red sweater // red skirt // over the knee high boots // clutch (similar) // sunglasses


Our dinner is dressed up casual, unlike Christmas eve which is more elevated. This red on red outfit is something I would wear on Christmas day. Casual, yet dressed up. I love wearing monochromatic looks and this one is perfect for the holidays. This sweater is cute with a ruffle neckline and a pleated gathering of the sleeves. The skirt is A-lined which makes it easy and comfortable to move around in. Both pieces look great together, but also can be worn separately.  I would wear this sweater with denim or black jeans and this skirt with a white blouse. I decided to pair this outfit with over-the-knee high boots to make the look more wintery than fall. This is definitely an outfit contender for me on Christmas day.


What are some of your holiday traditions on Christmas day?