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Last night I attended the Wellness Meet Up NYC’s talk with Amanda Kloots. I have been fan-girling Amanda for a while now, so when I heard about this meet and greet from my friend Katie, from Honestly Kate, I jumped at the chance to hear from my favorite fitness guru. Amanda is a former Rockette and Broadway performer, now she owns her own fitness company called The Rope. Oh, and I should mention Amanda is also a fellow Ohioan! Anyway, Amanda teaches The Rope at Studio B, owned by Bandier, and also teaches privates– sign me up! What is The Rope? You guessed it, an entire workout dedicated to jump roping and using the rope as a tool for strength and flexibility. I have yet to grace this fitness class, but do want to try it soon.

Amanda talked about how she started her company, her days on Broadway, being married, and healthy living. I left inspired and motivated to kick-butt in fitness, my health, and in my career. At the end of the talk we were able to ask Amanda questions about, well, anything. I asked about her recovery methods as she teaches privates, classes, currently was filmed in a big movie that is coming out, and does her own workout video. I barely do a small portion of that and whimper while lying in my death bed when I am sore. To take care of herself she does Cryo sessions, weekly massages, stretching, healthy eating, and listening to her body. Another question that was asked and I am SO happy this girl asked– what are Amanda’s favorite fitness brands. As she talked about clothing and also started to talk about athletic shoes. If you remember a few weeks ago I had Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot and have been looking for a new pair of athletic shoes ever since. Amanda says that the only brand that has not given her foot problems is Asics.  I have really never ventured out of Nike when it comes to my own athletic footwear, but since I do similar workouts as Amanda (ok, so our workout regime is not exactly the same…) I will take whatever advice she has.

When it comes to shopping for Athletic sneakers I do not think I loathe anything more— except swimsuits. I take forever to pick the right pair. My current shoes I should of have gotten rid of 5 months ago but didn’t because I hate the process of buying new ones. I was at the Nike store in Flatiron last week and the sale associate was saying this shoe is only good for running, this shoe is only good for training, this shoe can train and run but not great support….. at the end I felt as if I was in the upside down about to purchase a thousand dollars worth of shoes. What happened to the good old days when you picked whatever you wanted because they looked cool?

I will admit the past year or two athletic shoe-wear has become trendier and aesthetically pleasing. Still I can never decide. I go to stores where the sale associate makes you walk and run barefoot so they can figure out your foot structure and movement, then they suggest a pair that is best for your feet. I always undermine them and go for whatever shoe I find better looking. I like a little color but not an excessive amount. Something a little slim but supportive– I hate when they give me shoes that feel as if I am immobile. I have yet to jump on the all black bandwagon. What I really want are these pink APL’s, but know this brand is strictly for fashion. Now that I know what Amanda religiously wears I am open to Asics, but still gravitate towards Nike. I have also heard Brooks and Newtons are both great. I have been hearing more and more about On Cloud. So many options! I have gathered my top 10 best athletic shoes that I am considering and think you will love them too!