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Summer has finally arrived and boy has it made its appearance noticeable. It is 90 degrees outside. Hot enough for everyone to start complaining how it is too hot and they want the fall to come….. But before I jump on the complaining bandwagon I want to enjoy summer since it is finally here!

One item I need this warm season is a new swimsuit (Ugh, swimsuit shopping is truly the worst!). I am going to the Hamptons next weekend and a new swimsuit is on my must have list. For the past few years I have been really into the high-waisted swimsuit bottoms. I feel it just fits well with my hourglass figure. This season I have been looking at one-piece swimsuits but haven’t found one that looks good on my body. I do have my eye on this one-piece swimsuit as I think the color is beautiful. I also love this beautiful bikini. There are so many cute swimsuits for the summer, I want them all!