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“Life’s like a movie. Write your own ending. Keep believing. keep pretending.”

-Jim Henson

Happy Friday!! Tis the season for events apparently. It seems like everyone is trying to cram their events in this month before summer officially starts and all of New York migrates out of town. I have had 5 events this week, and they keep on coming. I can’t complain though, I love every single minute of it.

On Monday I went to the Six Degrees Society event with Crowns by Christy and Neely and Chloe. I had THE BEST time there. We mingled, made flower crowns, and shopped the new collection of the cutest sister duo. Wednesday I went to the Old Navy event with my friend Sam, from The New York Blonde. We got to see a sneak preview of their end of summer and fall collection. The event was in the morning, so after we were done looking at the collection Sam and I headed over to Cha Cha Matcha for drinks and a catch up session.

Last night I went to a blogger event held at Christy from Crowns by Christy’s apartment. The theme was rosé so everyone wore shades of pink/rose and of course we drank lots of rosé. It was a great evening filled with wonderful bloggers–some I knew, some I knew through Insta and met for the first time, and some I have never met before. We made flower crowns and had yummy desserts from Gotham Cookies. I unfortunately could not have any but they looked and smelled SO GOOD! And everyone was praising them, so they own up to their delicious appearance. After the event  I went to dinner with Ashley, Lauren, and Gabby for some tacos and margs.

This weekend I have one event Saturday night with Cartier and two events Sunday– one with Art Autonomy Salon and the other is a shopping event hosted by Sam at Eleven Consignment Boutique. I am so looking forward to all of it! Besides blogging events I will probably be doing nothing else this weekend. June is going to be just as crazy and Memorial Day weekend is next week, I want a calm before the storm. So it will be all about relaxing, working out, and attending the events and catching up on The Handmaids Tale….

…..have we talked about The Handmaid’s Tale? Not going to lie it scares the living daylight out of me. But I am also completely hooked. What the heck is going to happen?!!! I look forward to Wednesday’s when they release a new episode! Do you watch it?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a happy Friday!!!


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