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New York City Workout Guide

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Now that the Body Conceptions challenge is over, I am back to my regular program of trying new workouts. While doing BOCO a number of fitness boutiques popped up on my radar, I couldn’t wait to try them. When I discover or hear about a certain fitness boutique the first thing I do is research the studio; what type of workout it is, why they believe in this form of exercise, and if there is any testimonies (I like to see people’s progress and if XYZ regime actually works). There are three new boutiques I have been frequently going to lately, along with continuing my working out at Body Conceptions. Someday I will have a six pack…. some day.

Bari Studio

While scrolling through Instagram an image of people working out on trampolines caught my eye. I knew I had to try it, the inner middle schooler in me demanded it. Bari Studio offers three types of classes: Micro, Dance, and Bounce. I, so far, have only taken Bounce and Micro. Bounce is a high intensity workout on a small trampoline where you do choreographed movements to the beat of the song. Trampoline exercises are good for your joints as you are not landing on a hard surface. My first Bounce class was fun! It was an entirely different type of workout I have ever done before, and again I was on a trampoline so like yeah, it was as if I was an awkward middle school girl jumping to great heights on a tramp. At first I was on it. I was getting the coordination, hitting the movements, loving life. Then we started to do kicks and it was as if I have never learned to walk. I looked so uncoordinated. The second time I tried bounce I went in feeling confident and I looked like a total mess. Limbs where awkward flying everywhere. It was not pretty, but still I loved it. It is a great, sweaty workout. Try it at least one… your inner middle schooler will thank you.

After two Bounce classes I decided to try Micro, a full-body sculpting class. This, I am not stranger to. I love sculpting classes! This one was different though. We used bands that hang from the ceiling– slightly drooping over your head to taint you, letting you know your torture is coming soon. I really enjoyed this class and using the bands— it was hard! I wasn’t having the best day while taking this class, my hamstring was hurting, so I did not do as well as I should of. Still, I was sore the next day. Will definitely be going back!


I read about KORE on a health and fitness website through a celebrity’s Q&A…………….. ok fine, the Q&A was with Khloe Kardashian. In my defense it was about her new fitness regime and healthy lifestyle, I was intrigued.  Then another blogger, who I follow on Snapchat, said she does KORE whenever she is in NYC. She has been doing the Bikini Body Guide (and she looks amazing!!) and said that KORE was the closest program to it. So I thought, eh, why not try it. I enjoy this class but am not obsessed with it. You use kettle bells and bands for your workout equipment. Also there is cardio. I have read (again I like to research fitness programs) that the movements are suppose to be synced to the music. I haven’t really found that too be true, but the instructors do encourage everyone to do the movements together. I personally think when it comes to heavy weights you should not move faster than your ability. You could really hurt yourself if you are not doing it properly. They also offer TRX classes, but have not taken any and probably won’t.

I like to go to KORE for a heavier strength training program. We use three different kg’s for different movements, and bands for resistances. I really do not like bands (I know I just said in the prior paragraph I liked the hanging bands, but they are totally different, same muscle groups though…. I am weird)— I have a slight case of scoliosis and for some reason using bands just kills my back and always makes me feel like my body is not in alignment. But that is just me. What I also am not the biggest fan of is their floor. I know this is minor in life, but I find their floor, a rubber material like a track, to not be comfortable. You do not use mats during the class, so I use a towel to cushion my knees or hands. I am sure this is personal preference and it obviously has not stopped me from going back. I just wish they would change the floors.

Like I said it is a great workout and you will definitely feel the results the next day.

Bodies by P

Another Instagram discovery!  Bodies by P was very interesting to me, I call it the lazy man’s workout that actually works. The whole idea of the workout is to use little to no weights and move in slow motion. When we workout we usually use momentum to do a movement. That momentum is not really engaging our muscles, but mostly fatiguing them. When you do a movement at a slower pace you are engaging all of your muscles. And the slower pace is great for achieveing elongated, lean muscles. I went to their Thigh Gap Thursday class. At first I was unsure and a little bored with the movement. I mean I just spent the last 6 weeks doing cardio dance and sculpt! But as the class continued (and thankfully I read about the meaning behind the movements) I really started to concentrate on all of my muscles moving and engaging. I was sore the next day. After the class I talked to the instructor about the concept behind Bodies by P. She told me she used to do everything as well– cardio, strength training, etc. but she was bulky. I have the tendency to get bulky as well.  She wanted a more feminine frame and not look like the guy working out next to you at the gym– its like she read my mind!  She started at BBP as a client but it was not until she stopped doing other fitness programs and really concentrated on BBP that she started to see huge results. The reason for this was because going to other workout classes crossed out the work she did at BBP. Now she looks amazing. She said her legs, arms, and abs (yes she has a 6 pack) have never looked this good.We think we need to kill ourselves in order to have results but the truth is we don’t. I have also read from the owner of BBP that running and cardio inflames your muscles….. which is the exact problem I have with my left hamstring. This is a workout I definitely want to continue, but not sure if I am ready to say goodbye to my dance cardio days.