Holiday Gift Guide

gifts for men


Men, what the holly do we get them? I could easily give you a 4 page essay on what I want Santa to leave under the tree.  For guys I feel it’s a shrug and an I don’t know when asked the question. Maybe I feel this way because my dad usually never knows and ends up asking for the standard shirts and ties (or my mom tells him what he wants). For outside family gifts like Secret Santa at work he always ask for gift certificates. A simple man my dad is. Sometimes, however, he will get a little bit more specific and ask for some sport’s equipment or a new book. My brother-in-law is a little easier to shop for. He is outdoorsy so a Yeti cooler or a new pair of  Barbour gloves are the perfect gifts to get him. Still there is always the consistent what do you want question asked before you finally pry it out of them.


The other day I was reading The Skimm for my daily dose of news when I saw a quote from a scientist stating that all glitter should be banned. Well I’ve never heard such blasphemy. Glitter is life. I grew up wearing costumes for dance recitals and competitions, I basically bathed in glitter. As an adult I’d roll around in it right now if I could. I mean first glitter then what? sequins? I will not stand for it.  What is New Year’s Eve without a glitter dress on? This season I plan on wearing anything that shines. With many parties to attend to, we have quit a few chances to wear fun holiday dresses that sparkle.



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 Whether you are buying for the workout obsessed or someone just starting out on their journey, there is something for every fitness devotee. A new pair of leggings or a tank top will give them the inspiration to go to their favorite studio to show off their new outfit.  Now that it is cold, a sweatshirt or jacket is just what they need to go to and from the gym. Know someone who loves to work out at home? Ankles weights and a plyo box will get them motivated to turn on that live streaming exercise video they keep putting off. A fitbit watch and wireless headphones will help track their progress. Most importantly, they will not be able to workout without new shoes. As working out is more popular than ever,  there are so many cute items and clothes to choose from that you can get your fitness obsessed friend or family member this season. Here are a few items on my fitness wishlist this year.

1. Ader plyo boxes

2. Heroine Sport olympic top

3. Adidas x Stella McCartney train let tight leggings

4. Adidas x Stella McCartney yoga comfort tank top

5. Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

6. Nike dry women’s long sleeve training top

7. Bose SoundSport in-ear bluetooth headphones

8. Bose SoundLink revolve bluetooth speaker

9. Outdoor Voices stretch crepe anorak hoodie

10. Bandier Wesley bowery Hoodie

11. Alo high waist moto leggings

12. Nike air zoom fearless flyknit lux training shoe

13. J.Crew x New Balance performance scoop neck sports bra

14. Carbon38 mesh inset moto puffer jacket 

15. Amazon ankle weights

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gifts for the hostess


The holidays are here and the party invites are starting to roll in. I love nothing more than a festive celebration. There is nothing quite like a holiday party, that is for sure! Since this is the season of giving, when attending a party it is nice to gift the host. A way of saying thank you for hosting and inviting me to your holly jolly soirée. Usually I like to give a bottle of champagne, which you can never do wrong with, but sometimes it is nice to put a little bit more thought into the gift.