Holiday Gift Guide

valentines day gifts for men


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! This means it is time to start thinking about what you are going wear, how you are celebrating the day of love, and what to get the special guy in your life. Do you and your significant other typically exchange gifts? I would honestly be fine with just flowers and doing something special with each other, but if he wanted to get me something I would not protest. If the two of you do exchange gifts I gathered a few ideas for you; high-priced to affordable and something in-between.




No matter how old I get I will always create a Christmas list, and I am not opposed to sending Santa a letter either. A letter saying something like: Dear Santa, please make my life into a Hallmark movie where I trip and fall and some random guy catches me who turns out to be a prince but I don’t know he is a prince until the end, then we ride off into the sunset on a horse, but not until a Christmas angel puts me through some sort of life test. Oh and a million dollars would be cool too. I think the big jolly guy can do it. Until my Hallmark life comes true I will just have to write on my list basic every needs like a hamper and a Givenchy bag.  (more…)

stocking stuffers


Can you believe Christmas is in 11 days?! This year has flown by so fast! It really wasn’t until this past Tuesday when I walked around uptown looking at store fronts window display and visited the Plaza that I felt like Christmas was here. My roommates and I, sadly, did not decorate our apartment this year; not a single red bow, a tiny Christmas tree, stockings, nothing! I know, humbug! I did buy my roommates presents so at least we celebrated a little! For a gift this year I got them these cute holiday mugs from Draper James and candy from Sugarfina. It’s simple but cute gift to give them. Sometimes the smallest gifts are truly the best ones.




Do you know someone who always seems to be jet setting off to some place fabulous? Or maybe it is yourself that loves to travel and experience new things. As we are in the mist of traveling season and our winter vaca to a warmer place is just around the corner, gift yourself or your traveling buddy something new this Christmas.