front tie dress

Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Sweating….

New York is hot and humid right now. The kind of humidity where the second you step outside you need to take another shower. My hair: a loss cause. My tan: farmers. My clothes: sticks to my skin. My level of complaining: all-time high.

Thankfully there are dresses like this midi front-tie dress to keep me cool. Even if I am sweating like a sinner in church, I still look cute doing it.


club monaco

strapless ruffle dress // sandals // rattan clutch sold-out (similar)

Once upon a time on a warm sunny New York day, a girl was walking up 5th avenue to go sweat it out at her cardio dance class. While walking impatiently she caught a glimpse of pure beauty in the window front of Club Monaco. Despite the angry mumbles from cynical New Yorkers, she cut right in front of them to get a better look. She had to have a closer look at this beautiful dress. “You will be mine” she said as she pressed her face against the glass window, lovingly gazing at this ruffle off the shoulder dress with a front bow tie. Like fairytale, it as if all of her dreams were coming true.



“everything is so beautiful when you stop looking for flaws”


Happy Friday!! This week felt way too long, but still enjoyable. I went to a few events, pulled an all-nighter, pretended to be Serena Williams, and today I am celebrating Bastille Day!