New York City Guide


dress (found here and here) // clutch c/o // nude heels // tassel earrings

When I first moved to New York there was no doubt in my mind that I would live in Manhattan. I thought if I was going to do this, I have to live in the heart of it all. To be honest I never really saw the appeal of Brooklyn. Even through all of the years I have lived in NYC, I still did not understand why anyone would leave Manhattan to move to Brooklyn. Sure you may get more room, it is quieter, and probably a little less expensive, but Manhattan is…. well, Manhattan! And through the years I rarely crossed the bridge to travel over there unless it was for a specific reason. I was always one of those Manhattanites that would say “I don’t do Brooklyn” when in conversation of where to eat or what do to that day.


New York City Workout Guide

windbreaker // performance crop top // leggings // Nike running shoes


Now that the Body Conceptions challenge is over, I am back to my regular program of trying new workouts. While doing BOCO a number of fitness boutiques popped up on my radar, I couldn’t wait to try them. When I discover or hear about a certain fitness boutique the first thing I do is research the studio; what type of workout it is, why they believe in this form of exercise, and if there is any testimonies (I like to see people’s progress and if XYZ regime actually works). There are three new boutiques I have been frequently going to lately, along with continuing my working out at Body Conceptions. Someday I will have a six pack…. some day.



Nothing is better than a lovely weekend during the spring in New York City. The sun is out, trees have blossomed,  flowers have bloomed, and everyone is out and about exploring the city. Spring is a time for renewal, new adventures, and a more optimistic approach to life. Today I am partnering with Maggy London to show you some of my favorite things to do during the spring season.


As much as I enjoy eating out at restaurants, sometimes I do not have enough time to wine and dine. Whether I am getting take-out or stopping in to grab a quick snack I try to find places that are still healthy. There are currently two places that I have been frequently going to. Two places that I highly recommend if you are looking for a quick bite or a healthy take out option.