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what to wear on valentines day


Last week my sister was watching the Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake half time Super Bowl performance on her iPad. When Justin showed up on stage my one year old niece (unprompted) bent over and kissed the screen. I have never been more proud.

This cute incident has me reminiscing about all of my celebrity crushes. My first celebrity crush was Jordan Knight from New Kids On The Block. My sister, cousin, and I were obsessed with all of them. Yes I am very much aware they had rat tails, but it was the 80’s and I was 3 years old. We had lunch boxes, t-shirts, cards, all sorts of trinkets, posters, and lots of tape recordings from whenever they were on TV. After NKOTB it was Zack Morris, then Johnathan Taylor Thomas, Justin Timberlake, and of course Leonardo DiCaprio. Now as an adult I have a school girl crush on like 50 celebrities ranging from way too young for me and could be my dad. I am at that age where during TV shows I have a crush on the high schoolers, but am also attracted to their dads. Through all of my celebrity crushes, however, I have one main man that melts my heart at any age, Robert Redford. God’s gift to us all.

So what does all of this have to do with what to wear on Valentine’s Day, nothing really except for me having feelings.   What can I say, love is in the air my friends. My Valentine’s Day will be spent with my one true love, fashion. It will be the end of New York Fashion Week and I have shows to attend to. I am ok with that– in the words of Courtney Kerr: “Thanks to fashion, I have plenty of love in my life”. If I were able to celebrate the day of love these are a few outfit options I would choose from.


1. Black Halo brishten sheath dress

2. St. Roche linde blouse

3. Rebecca Taylor off the shoulder metallic floral organize blouse

4. Sézane josephine dress

5. Mansur Gavriel circle leather shoulder bag

6. J.Crew marino wool crewneck with ruffle sleeves

7. Ulla Johnson Maise blouse

8. Club Monaco suzillie mini skirt

9. Keepsake say something dress

10. Topshop belted peg pants

11. Tuckernuck petite lantern earrings in perfect pink

12. Rebecca Taylor long sleeve pop top

13. Kate Spade New York bloom flower lace shift dress