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hudson and bleecker

garment bag, toiletry bag

Ever get the urge to quit your job, pack your things, sublease your apartment and go on an Eat, Pray, Love trip? I do. All of the time. Lately I have been craving to go on some kind of a trip, an adventure. One that is life changing. A trip where you get out of your comfort zone and experience the world.

I haven’t been on such a trip in years. The last real adventurous trip I have taken was when I went to the Dominican Republic with a group from my church. We built a house for a family in a small town in severe poverty. This house would be my third that I have built through my church (first two were in Mexico), but this DR pushed me in ways I never thought possible. The entire week I slept in a hammock underneath a bug net tied to poles in an open shelter house. For  days we went to the small town, walked through the broken homes made of scrap metal and built a solid home for a family. We played with the children, had lunch with the neighbors, and did some of the most physical hard work I have ever done. After the house was built we spent the rest of the week exploring the DR. We cliff jumped off of a water fall, rode on mopeds through cities, went to the beach, had dinner on a yacht, and saw where Christopher Columbus lived. It was a life changing experience.

I am looking for another adventure like this. Not necessarily one that requires building homes or living outside for a week, but one where I experience a new culture. I have written this in past posts and as part of my 2018 goals— I want to travel more internationally and domestically. I really want to go to Paris and London this year. Yes a far cry from the DR experience, but still an experience nevertheless. I have a long list of places I want to see around the world, hit every continent except for Antarctica—- have you not been listening to me complain on Insta Stories about the cold weather here in NYC? Imagine me in the South Pole…… Anyway, on places I really want to go to are: Paris, London, Italy, Greece, Thailand, Tokyo, Brazil, Sydney, Melbourne, Colombia, Croatia, Austria, Ireland, and Cape Town. I have a lot to do before I head to heaven.

I do not want to discount traveling domestically and not having an adventure. I LOVED visiting Charleston this past summer and am dying to go back. I enjoyed learning about Charleston’s rich history and looking at the world’s cutest houses. It is on my top of my travel list for 2018, I want to go back.  Honestly I am up for traveling anywhere in the US, why not? Even Alaska I would be up for. Although I am easily convinced to travel anywhere, I do have a list of places I want to go: Boston, Savannah, Nantucket, Jackson Hole, Dallas, Austin, San Francisco, Charlotte, Sonoma, Asheville, and Big Sur. Again I can be easily convinced to go anywhere and even revisit some places.

hudson and bleeckerhudson and bleeckerhudson and bleeckerhudson and bleeckerhudson and bleeckerhudson and bleeckerhudson and bleeckerhudson and bleecker

garment bag, toiletry bag

Since I am becoming a world traveler I need to jet-set in style. I do this with Hudson and Bleecker, a cute and classic traveling accessories brand. As someone who over packs, for even a weekend getaway, I need all of the help I can get to stay organized. For my travels I have Hudson and Bleecker’s garment bag, toiletry bag, and a cosmetic case. They have so many cute travel accessories that it makes me want to skip town and go travel right away.

Where are you dying to travel to?