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“The first step to getting what you want is having the courage to get rid of what you don’t.”

Happy Friday and happy first day of December! You know what this means…… Star Wars comes out in 15 days! I know you are all as excited as I am!! Anyway, I am back in New York City after a wonderful 2 weeks in Georgia and Ohio. I had the BEST time with my family and friends. It made leaving a little harder than usual, but I am happy to be back in the city and back to my normal routine.

Last weekend I went to a local bar in Columbus to watch the OSU vs. Michigan game with a few of my high school friends. Some of them I have not seen in a few years. It was SO nice to be with them! There is something special about being around people who have known you your whole life; seen every change, every obstacle, every happy moment. We may not talk all of the time but we have a friendship that will always be there. And speaking of friendships, I had my annual lunch date with my best guy friend from high school. We grab lunch once a year (even if we see each other numerous times) to catch up. He is like a brother to me and I am glad we were able to get our date lunch in while I was home. I have missed him and all of my friends!

The BEST part of my entire vacation was seeing Janet Jackson with my sister this past Tuesday night. We both have been and always will be obsessed with Janet. Ever since we were little we loved her (and Michael). Neither one of us have seen her in concert before, so this was a 20 some year dream come true. I have to say it was the best concert I have ever been to! No words can describe how phenomenal of a performer she is; went full out the entire time and never looked tired. I have seen some performers our age in concert who tire out quickly. I want to be her when I grow up. Although Janet was amazing, the party started waaayyyy before she stepped onto the stage. They had a DJ playing old school songs and the entire arena was dancing. It was basically everyone who was a teenager in either the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s living their dream. I was probably one of the youngest people there. It was amazing!

Now that I am back in the city I am trying to get my ducks in a row. Even though I worked over the break, I wasn’t as attentive to my email and writing posts as I normally would. I have a lot to catch up on, plus I still need to unpack… oops. Luckily I have a few things going on this weekend that will give me a break. Tonight I was going to the Who What Wear event with a panel discussion that includes Danielle Yacobovsky, CO-Founder of BaubleBar, and Wendy Nguyen of Wendy’s Lookbook. Saturday I am meeting up with a few friends for happy hour somewhere.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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