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“somedays you just have to roll with the waves… and let them take you.”

– Raquel Franco

Happy Friday!! I am sure glad it is the weekend. I have been planted in front of my computer way too much this week, I need a break. Plus T.Swift just dropped another single so you know it is going to be a great weekend! I hope my neighbors love Taylor as much as I do…… actually I don’t care if they do not. #teamtaylor

Have you binged watched all of Strangers Things 2? It is just as good as the first one! I also now have a major crush on Steve Harrington…… Steve 4lyfe <3.  I am curious as to what they are going to do in Season 3. They need to give Will a break, that poor kid. Let someone else be the victim next time! If you have finished S2, there are a few extra episodes of the cast talking about behind the scenes stuff that is very interesting.

Besides binge watching Netflix and being married to my computer, this past week I went to a press preview at The Riviere Agency. They were showcasing some designers like Leanne Marshall and Dan Liu’s upcoming collection and some of the runway looks from this past NYFW. I caught a few pretty things that I want and have my eye on! Last night I attended the Sephora x Marie Claire event. They had this interactive screen that you can see what XYZ brand’s products in different palettes look good on you. A smart and fun idea!

I can’t believe the holidays are here! A few days ago I saw Gap’s holiday commercial and it felt so strange. Maybe it is because it is currently 60 degrees outside….. I don’t know. This year really flew by though! This is my favorite time of the year, so I am excited to get into the holiday spirit. I may or may not have already started to listen to Christmas music….. Bing on repeat.

Tonight I am going out with a friend for a few drinks, paint the town red. Tomorrow I do not have any concrete plans but will most likely go out with friends again, workout, shop till I drop, and aimlessly walk around the city.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend XO



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