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” All things are possible, especially if you keep your faith bigger than your fear”

Jamie Kern Lima of IT Cosmetics

Happy Friday!! This week was a rollercoaster. Over the weekend I went to New Jersey with my entire family (minus a few). We were there to watch the Ohio State University football game vs. Rutgers. We had the best weekend laughing, cheering on the Bucks, and being together. When I went home on Sunday I started to feel homesick and a little sad. I am very close to my family and sometimes it is hard to not see them everyday. Then Monday came around and it was awful. We all know it just plain sucked. With Vegas, Tom Petty, and some personal issues like my website crashing, by the end of Monday I was over it all.

Tuesday I was still feeling anxious and panicky from the day before. I was still dealing with personal issues and I just couldn’t shake off my anxiety. That night I was suppose to go to an event with AMEX, but ended up skipping it. I even got ready and walked out the door to go, but something told me I needed to stay home and just relax. So I did. I hate missing events because I not only think they are fun, they are also a great networking opportunity. But my health and my mind come first. By Wednesday I felt like a million bucks and have been feeling great ever since. I guess I just needed a moment to myself to let my anxiety pass through.

Thursday night I went to Alison Brod PR Company’s Holiday Showcase…. yep, the holidays are here! It was great to see new products that are coming out this coming season. They had anywhere from beauty to fashion to lifestyle products that are about to hit the market. Oh and yummy treats from Sugarfina, which is my favorite candy brand! If you saw my Instastories then you would of have seen two girls on stilts dressed as unicorns, lots of big balloons, and flowers from Venus de Fluer. I got to take home a little flower box along with lipstick from L’Oreal Paris x Balmain collection and Go Smile teeth stain eraser— which I will be using religiously.

This past week I started a workshop with my favorite podcaster Jess Lively from The Lively Show.  I have shared a few episodes of the podcast in my FSS series before. Jess talks about life, career, relationships, health, etc. I have been listening to her since day 1. For the past year she has really emerge herself into learning about meditation and mind-body connection. This is something I too am very interested in learning about; the whole quantum mechanics of mind-body connection and our energetic vibration, and how it shapes our reality. It is really interesting. Anyway, Jess has a 4 week workshop called Flow With Intention Online where she goes deeper into how our protons and neutrons affect our energy, as well as learning about our conscious and subconscious mind. It sounds very namaste, but there really is a science backing up meditation, mind-body connection, and why it works that is truly fascinating. I am a nerd.

This weekend I am taking a workout class at  Body By Simone with Simone herself teaching. I am so so so so excited!!! Like abnormally giddy about exercising. I think it is going to be hard but fun! Saturday night my friend is hosting a cocktail party in the PH of her apartment building. Looking forward to a fun night!

Have a wonderful weekend xo


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