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Barbour Jacket


It has always been a joke in my family on how many coats my grandparents owned. Some may say they had too many, I say they had the right idea. My grandparents owned a coat (or two)  for every 10 degrees. Pure genius. Instead of sweating in your winter coat or freezing in your light jacket, you have outerwear that tailors to every possible weather condition. My grandparents passed on this gene to me, the need for jackets and coats for any and all occasions.

Fall is jacket weather season, or Barbour season as I like to call it. I have worn my Barbour a few times but have yet to wear my pink jacket or my black moto jacket.  Even though I have yet to grace the world with my new jackets, I still have my eye on a few like this hunter green one, this faux-mink jacket, and this belted Barbour jacket. Whether it is a cape, leather, moto, military, denim, faux fur, or wool, I want them all!