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Listen, I love to sleep and take naps. I am like Gene Kelly in Singing In The Rain when he just “Gotta Dance”…. well I like to sing gotta sleep, gotta sleep, gotta sleep, on my way home from work.
If there is one article of clothing that I love almost as much as dresses, it is pajamas. I would wear my pajamas all day long if I could. I pretty much only wear my pajamas on lazy Sundays. Who has time to get dressed when you have 22 episodes to binge watch?
Years ago I gave up on wearing rugged big t-shirts and started to buy cute pajamas sets. I recently bought this one and basically live in it (don’t worry I wash it). It is perfect for hot summer nights. I was not really in the market for a new one, until I saw this cute collection from Three J NYC.… hello bows!! I want this one and this one.
Gotta sleep…… in one of these PJs!