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“you carry so much love in your heart. give some. to yourself”


Happy Friday! This week felt, well, weird. I can’t really explain it. It was good, I had some really amazing moments, but the whole week still felt off. It was probably due to not being on a normal schedule. I had lots of late nights that turned into late mornings. I also have a lot on my mind as there are things ( amazing things) on the horizon. I think I may just have my head in the future.

Last weekend I went to Southampton to attend a few fun-filled events. My friend Christy was so sweet as to let me stay at her and her husband’s beautiful summer home. Their back porch over looks this beautiful lake. It was so peaceful, I wanted to move in. Anyway, Friday night Christy, Victoria, Kylie and I attended the Domino Magazine party hosted by Emma Roberts. The party was held at the Topping Rose House. We only stayed for a little while as we had to get back to Christy’s house to set up for the next day. Christy (who owns Crowns by Christy) along with Nine West,  hosted a brunch at Christy’s house to celebrate women who stand out (part of their new #standout campaign). The event was beautiful (even though it rained), and I loved meeting women who are killing it in different careers. After the brunch we headed over to Sugarfina for their event with Baublebar. It was filled with yummy treats. We each made our own bento box to take home… which I already ate the whole thing… no regrets. The whole weekend was so much fun,  but my favorite part was creating new friendships!!

This past week, as I said, was a little off, but some wonderful things happened. I am moving forward with my blog in a few major and minor ways– can’t wait to show you soon! I got invited to the Rewardstyle x LTK rooftop party for NYFW!! I am over the moon excited about it! I have gone each year, but this year there were rumors that only a handful of people were getting invites.  I assumed I was not invited, so when I received not only the party invite, but an invite to their HQ event I was (am) so, so, so excited! I was turn on music, dance around my apartment kind of excited. I am so happy! Their rooftop party is my favorite part of NYFW as it is where all bloggers are in one place at one time, mingling and getting to know each other. I have met some of my blogging besties at this party, so I am always grateful to attend! To end the great week, today I am filming a campaign with Hudson and Bleeker, this cute travel luxury and garment bags brand. They seriously have such cute stuff!!

I have been exploring a few new workouts this past week. I am still obsessed with Mile High Run Club. I feel so powerful doing it.  I also went to my first Ballet Beautiful class…… I.died. Which was a huge surprise to me. I have her DVD and been taking ballet class since I was 3 years old, so I went in there with a pretty cocky attitude. I didn’t take into account that my body was so sore from MHRC the day before and well, my body just died on me. The class starts off with mat work that resembles pilates. I have done these moves a gazillion times, yet I could barely lift my legs… I had dead legs. I was miserable. After mat work we stand up to do basic ballet movements with 1lb hand weights. I can do these movements in my sleep I have been doing them for 30 years. Still I looked like a hot mess. My grand battement looked more like a tendu with a leg spasm. It was not ballet beautiful at all. And because I am psycho, I can’t wait to go back! This weekend I am trying the new boxing studio called Everybody Fights. One of my very good friends who lives in Boston is obsessed with Everybody Fights. When she heard they were opening one up here in NYC, she convinced me to try it! I am doing their beats and bags class, where we hit the boxing bag to the beat of the music… right up my alley! The gym was founded by George Foreman lll, so you know it is going to be legit!

Other than my title weight boxing life, I am doing a major cleaning of my apartment and to start planning out my Charleston trip.

Have a wonderful weekend!! XO


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