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When I first moved to New York there was no doubt in my mind that I would live in Manhattan. I thought if I was going to do this, I have to live in the heart of it all. To be honest I never really saw the appeal of Brooklyn. Even through all of the years I have lived in NYC, I still did not understand why anyone would leave Manhattan to move to Brooklyn. Sure you may get more room, it is quieter, and probably a little less expensive, but Manhattan is…. well, Manhattan! And through the years I rarely crossed the bridge to travel over there unless it was for a specific reason. I was always one of those Manhattanites that would say “I don’t do Brooklyn” when in conversation of where to eat or what do to that day.

My feelings towards Brooklyn has sprung from my first time visiting the borough. I had a pretty scary encounter (one that for a few seconds I thought my friends and I may seriously get hurt), and unfortunately it just sort of tainted my vision of it. I have been back plenty of times since and have had a great time at events or Christmas parties. I have spent time in Prospect Park and found it to be beautiful, but still I had the “ugh” reaction when someone mentioned going over there. That first encounter ruined it for me, and it honestly makes me sad that it did.

Lately, however, I have changed my tune on Brooklyn. I went to a brunch earlier in the year and it dawned on me how charming the area was. So when my photographer Lauren suggested we take pictures in Dumbo I was game!  I have been wanting to take pictures somewhere in Brooklyn, but didn’t know what location would make sense for me. I was so happy she suggest it!

The second I walked off the train and frolicked around town I began to really fall in love with the place. It is so cute! I am ashamed I even doubted the appeal of Brooklyn. I see why some of my friends started to flock there over the past few years. I guess when I traveled over there for a specific reason I wasn’t really looking at the borough, this time I did.

What really sealed the deal for me was the waterfront. Yes I know Manhattan has Hudson River and plenty of Piers, but I found Dumbo’s waterfront to be so beautiful and peaceful. Around the waterfront is all of these cute little shops and buildings. I really wanted to stay all afternoon to walk around– unfortunately I had a meeting to go to. I do have it on my list to go back and just walk around, really get to know the place. I am no longer the “I don’t do Brooklyn” Manhattanite. I am now a “oh you said Brooklyn, lets do it!”. I see the appeal of it– am I going to move there, probably not. I am a Manhattan gal through and through. But I do want to say, sorry Brooklyn for ever doubting your beauty and charm! I have fallen in love with you.


dress (found here and here) // clutch c/o // nude heels // tassel earrings