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For the past couple of years I have been talking about wanting to take tennis lessons. Each summer I look into taking lessons and then something always comes up that I end up not doing it. Well this summer I am FINALLY taking tennis lessons. I signed up (paid and locked in) at the Midtown Tennis Club for once a week group lessons during the month of July. My friend Sam, from The New York Blonde, will be joining me in the class. I can not wait!

I took tennis lessons when I was younger. I enjoyed playing, but I particularly did not enjoy outdoor sports– too hot or too cold. I eventually stopped taking lessons but throughout the years I used my parents garage to play against. My dad is a really great tennis player, he played all through college. He wanted my sister and I to at least try it and see if we liked it. We both decided to stick with dance instead. Still I enjoy watching tennis and have been wanting to get back into it as a recreational sport. Something fun that I can play every once in a while with a friend or my dad.

Now that I am the new Serena Williams I need cute outfits to wear to my lessons. Or at least walk around the city in so everyone knows I play. Tory Sport has the cutest tennis activewear collection. I love this skirt and this dress from her line. Really there are so many great items from different brands to choose from. I should probably start with the most obvious accessory… the racket. I own one that is tucked away somewhere at my parents house. It looks like the 90’s– pink and purple spray paint. What can I say, that look was really popular back then. I think it is time to update my tennis gear….. just like I need to update my skills. I am SO excited to start taking lessons and can’t wait to share with you all of the embarrassing stories of me thinking I am better than I actually am.



1. Tory Sport v-neck pleated sleeveless tennis dress

2. Nike pure dry-fit tennis skirt

3. Adidas by Stella McCartney barricade sleeveless performance polo shirt

4. Wilson triumph strung tennis racket

5. Penn pink championship XD tennis balls

6. Tory Sport contrast tennis skirt

7. Tory Sport embroidered v-neck sweater

8. Asics love dress

9. Nike NikeCourt air zoom ultra women’s tennis shoes

10. Tory Sport pleated pique tennis dress

11. Tuckernuck CB Station navy monogrammed tennis tote

12. Love Mae tennis dress

13. Nike featherlight tennis visor

14. Heroine Sport tennis training jacket

15. Tory Sport striped ribbed coolmax cotton-blend tank