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bow shorts // ruffle top // mini tote bag // sunglasses // sandal pumps

To me there is strength in being feminine. I feel even more confident and powerful wearing girly details such as bows and ruffles than I would in an all black. Confidence does not come from what you wear but how you wear it. This casual girly look is one that I feel most myself in– confident and feminine.

Being in New York I go back and fourth with bright girly details, and the typical sleek all black, New York look. It all depends on how I feel and the weather. In the winter I wear a ton of black because it makes me feel put together. But in the summer I bring out my girly side even more. I sometimes struggle with the two opposite styles, especially when you are in a sea full of black clothing and you look like a highlighter. But in the end I have to stay true to who I am and my style. I love being girly, it elevates my mood. Makes me happy knowing I can be and feel confident and feminine at the same time.

j.crew bow shortsj.crew bow shortsj.crew bow shortsj.crew bow shortsj.crew bow shortsj.crew bow shortsbow shorts // ruffle top // mini tote bag // sunglasses // sandal pumps

This outfit I am basically obsessed with. I want to wear it every day. I have been mix and matching the top and bottom with different looks and colors. I have even worn this ruffle top with black skinny jeans. My bow shorts, I know, are going to be worn just as much as any other pair of shorts that I own. Probably even more. I love how it elevates any outfit, even if I wear it with a plain white t-shirt or a blue sweater. It can even be worn with a printed top. No matter what I wear this ruffle top or these bow shorts with, or even when I  wear them together, I know that the feminine details will make me feel confident and will brighten my mood.

photos by Laurel Creative