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off the shoulder

off the shoulder top // white jeans // sandal pumps // clutch (similar) // tassel earrings

Last season the off the shoulder look was all the rage. This season it seems the number one trend is the one shoulder silhouette. But don’t throw away your off the shoulder tops just yet, they are still a must have item of the season. I personally think the off the shoulder silhouette is a more flattering look on everyone. Maybe it is just the OCD person inside of me that likes the symmetrical look. Maybe I just like my shoulders and want to show them both off? Maybe my one arm get cold and lonely while the other arm is warm and fancy? Who knows. What I do know is that the off the shoulder look is not going away anytime soon.

off the shoulder topoff the shoulder topoff the shoulder topoff the shoulderoff the shoulder topoff the shoulder topoff the shoulder top

off the shoulder top // white jeans // sandal pumps // clutch (similar) // tassel earrings

This off the shoulder top is both casual and elevated. It can be worn anywhere and with anything. I paired it with my new high rise white jeans that I am starting to become obsessed with wearing. I currently own 3 pairs of white jeans– one with cropped legged that I am not particularly fond of anymore, the other is two sizes too big for days I feel like Humpty Dumpty, and my high rises as my go to. A girl has to have options… also I am a hoarder. Anyway, back to the main event– my top. I think I am going to get a lot of use out of this top this spring and summer. A great throw on/go-to if you ask me.

Completely off topic but have to discuss: Did anyone watch Pretty Little Liars last night? Eeeek!! I think this finale season is going to be so good!! I seriously have NO idea who A.D is. I have secretly always wanted it to be Allison. But (no offense to her) she is manipulative, I just do not find her to be a “genius”– meaning I can’t see her figuring out how to do all of the tech stuff. Maybe that is her plan, act dumb so no one suspects you? IDK! I can’t wait to find out, but also do not want the series to be over!!