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Anyone experiencing major cabin fever? After the big snowstorm we had on Tuesday, causing most of the city to shut down, I am really having “get me out of here” feelings. For someone, like myself, who works from home, I count on little walks or errands to get out of the apartment so I do not go stir crazy. Tuesday’s storm, plus a few freezing days, have kept me indoors (so over winter and the snow) giving me cabin fever. I need to get out of town.

Luckily this weekend I am heading home to celebrate my sister’s birthday and to see my little niece. But what I really want is me on a beach with a margarita in my hands and vitamin D on my skin. So now I am shopping for a beach vacation and thought how cute it would be to have a straw bag or two! Whether it is a tote for the beach or a cute clutch to go along with a floral dress, straw bags will always be a timeless look. A must have in my book.

So instead of me twirling around in circles in my living room for entertainment, lets all visualize me somewhere warm with one of these straw bags. With a nice bronze. A smile on my face. No dark circles around my eyes. Not a care in the world. And hope it manifest. And for those of you lucky ducks who are vacationing somewhere with actual sunshine or if you want to make yourself feel better after snowstorm Stella mad us go crazy, one of these bags will surely brighten your day!

1. Hat Attack Gypset Bag

2. Tory Burch Kerrington Straw Tote

3. Kayu Pineapple embroidered woven straw clutch

4. Hat Attack small round handle bag

5. Hat Attack round handle bag tote

6. Tuckernuck French baskets monogrammed bag

7. Cult Gaia Gaia’s Ark

8. Tuckernuck Shiraleah natural sofia half moon clutch