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“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”

Thomas Edison

Happy, happy Friday!! This past week was not the best. A family friend of ours died last night of cancer. He found out a few months ago he had it and we all thought he would be able to beat it. Unfortunately God had other plans for him. Life is too short friends. Make the most of it–love others with all you have to offer, forgive those who have hurt you, treat each day like it is a new adventure.

More bad news, if you have been following my snapchats (mtate24) you will know that my left hip has been hurting for a few months. Two weeks ago I couldn’t take the pain any longer and went to the doctor. She thought it could be an inflamed tendon and to stay off of it. After two agonizing weeks of laying low (I HATE not being active), I thought my hip was somewhat ok, so I went running. Well it was a mistake. After a mile and a half I could barely walk home. I went back to the doctor this past Monday and had my hip and back x-rayed. I found out that I have a small bone fragment in my hip socket called os acetabuli, which is causing the pain. I got it from, what I assume, over exercising. I have been very active since I was three years old, so it really does not surprise me I have hip problems. I have arthritis in my right hip, which I found out last year. Not fun at all! This is what it’s like turning 30…… Anyway, next week I am  going to see an orthopedic doctor for more testing and to see what the next step will be.I am pretty sure I will have to have surgery, which I am not happy about (who would be). I hate the idea of not being able to work out for a while. It has already been 2 weeks and I am already going nuts! I try to walk in the morning with my mom around the park. I do arm and ab workouts at home and at System Of Strength. It just sucks not being able to go running or do a full body workout full out. But I guess it is for the best.

On a happy note, last night I went to happy hour at Lindey’s because one of my friends is back in town this weekend from New York. It was fun getting together with friends and to catch up. Lindey’s has THE BEST patio in town and the weather was beautiful, it was so nice to be outside enjoying a glass of wine (or three). The rest of the weekend, I do not have any set plans. System Of Strength is hosting a 2 hour outdoor workout with pizza and drinks to follow. I am going to attend and do what I can/ sit on the bench and tell people to go faster  and cheer them on.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! xo

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